Do women have to follow the Islamic dress code?

Yes, upon arrival, our agency will provide the suitable dress with a beautiful scarf for each lady.
But if someone is interested in wearing her own, she should have long trousers & a long lose top with long sleeves with a scarf round the head. Alternatively one can wear a long & lose dress with long sleeves (and a scarf).

Do men have to follow the Islamic dress?

Usually it’s expected that men do not wear short trousers

Is it allowed to enjoy Narcotic or alcoholic beverages?

Both carrying & drinking alcohol & Narcotic are prohibited.

Is the tap water safe?

Yes, it’s safe to drink. Mineral water is also available &it’s very cheap.

Is any vegetarian food available?

Yes, but if you want a proper vegetarian meal, you have to order in advance.

Is the food spicy?

No, Iranian food is similar to Mediterranean food in terms of spice & not spicy like Indian.

What is the Iranian Currency?

The Iranian official currency is Rial but common currency for the public is Toman.

Where can one exchange money?

At the airport currency exchange & special branches of banks (better exchange rate) U.S. dollars, German Marks, British Pounds, French Franks & Japanese Yen can be easily exchanged, but the exchange rates are not fixed and must be checked with banks.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

No, it’s not. Cash is the only method acceptable.

Are there telephone, Fax & Internet services?

Yes, there are. But International Mobile phones do not work here. It’s possible to buy a local mobile phone but it is expensive & not necessary, if you are with a guide.

Is the mail service reliable?

Yes, it is.

Is international driving license accepted & can women drive?

Yes, international driving license is accepted & one can rent a car for the period of his/her stay in Iran.

Are roads in good condition & do ail cities have airport?

Yes, roads are good & most cities have domestic airport.

Is the power supply 220 volts, 50 cycle AC?

Yes, it is.

Is it necessary to keep the copy of the entry form after stamping by passport control at the airport?

Yes, it is necessary to keep it until departure.

Can one have a camera or Cam-recorder?

Yes, it is recommended to declare them at customs in the airport. It’s not allowed to take photos of military areas & religious places.

Are there any taxis or local transportation available?

Yes, taxis, buses, trains & aircrafts are available.

Are there English Newspaper & TV channels?

Yes, there are.

Do all Iranians know English?

No, most young people know English.

Is it allowed to take carpets as souvenirs?

Yes, each person is allowed to take 2 pieces of rugs each 6 square meters with him/her or can send it.